I’m Bethany a photography student at Blackburn university

Photography is a beautiful experience.

Hello, I'm Bethany Henderson, a passionate wedding and portrait photographer currently residing in the charming Rossendale area. Photography has always been my artistic outlet, and now, it's become my thriving career as I pursue a degree in the field.
My approach to photography is a unique blend of professionalism and genuine passion for storytelling. I recognize the uniqueness of each wedding and portrait session and aim to tailor my work to reflect the individual personalities and emotions of my clients.

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In wedding photography, my approach revolves around establishing a personal connection with the couple and understanding their unique story. I meticulously plan shots, considering venue and lighting, and on the big day, I seamlessly blend into the background to capture candid moments and orchestrated shots. My goal is to deliver a collection of timeless, beautifully composed photographs that encapsulate the essence of their special day, creating cherished memories for a lifetime.


Photographing parties requires a keen understanding of social dynamics and technical proficiency. I immerse myself in the event's energy, capturing spontaneous moments and planned compositions that convey the vibrant atmosphere. Paying careful attention to lighting and mood, my goal is to create a visually compelling collection that encapsulates the unique spirit of each celebration, providing lasting memories for hosts and guests alike.

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Photographing special events requires a blend of artistic vision and technical precision. I capture candid moments and planned shots that reflect the unique essence of each occasion. Paying attention to details and composition, my goal is to create a visual narrative that preserves the emotions and significance of the moment, delivering timeless mementos for clients to cherish.